Class Handouts for Current Family History Conference 2019

The handouts for the current Family History Conference will be online a maximum of 2 weeks prior to the March 1st, 2019 conference, and 2 weeks after the conference.

Dear Patron, class handouts will not be printed and given out at the conference this year. However they are being made available for you to print at home on this site; or please drop by the FHC library and we will be happy to make selected copies for you from the conference in the coming weeks.

All of this year's handouts are PDF files:

     Indigenous Family History---(No Handout Online) - John Borrows

   American Records for Canadians, eh!       - Janice Cushman, Emeritus AG®

   Family History More than just names         - Janice Cushman, Emeritus AG®

   Irish Research for Beginners                      - Barbara Doell  

   Ireland – Beyond the Basics                       - Barbara Doell

       Google Earth & Genealogy handout 1    - Elaine Fraser, VGS

       Google Earth & Genealogy handout 2     - Elaine Fraser, VGS

   Finding Your Italian Ancestors                    - Yvonne Gibbon

        So Your Ancestors Are From England - Now What? handout 1  - Chris Hall

        So Your Ancestors Are From England - Now What? handout 2  - Chris Hall

   Beginning Family History                            - Gord Hamilton

   FamilySearch - Let's Begin                          - Elaine Hall

   FamilySearch Memories                               - Elaine Hall

   FamilySearch: Advanced Family Tree        - Mary Kathryn Kozy

   Naturalization Records & Ship’s Lists        - Mary Kathryn Kozy

   Social Media for Family History                  - Mary Kathryn Kozy

   What is a Visual Life Story?                        - Deborah LeFrank

   War Diaries Build a Soldier’s Story            - Kathleen Lowe

   Introduction To Research In France          - Liane Lyle

   Eastern European Family History Online! - Dave Obee

   Family Research in Alberta                         - Dave Obee

   Canadiana's Genealogical Treasures         - Dave Obee                                                - Gerald A Poulton, VGS

   London Archives                                           - Gerald A Poulton, VGS

   Anchors Aweigh                                            - Jeannine Powell --Cancelled

   Philing Phoibles                                            - Jeannine Powell --Cancelled

   Scotland Basic Research                             - Heather Shave, VGS

   Scotland Beyond the Basics                        - Heather Shave, VGS

   Census Sense                                                 - Carol Stiles

   Researching Jolly Olde England                   - Carol Stiles

   Where’s Grandma?                                         - Carol Stiles

   Discovering Swedish Ancestors                    - Dr. Murray Strome

   Indexing ---(No Handout Online)                          - Kelly Urarii

   Ancestors in Context                                       - Karen Inkster Vance, MA

   Family Storytelling 101                                    - Karen Inkster Vance, MA

   Ajax to Whitchurch-(Ontario) ---(No Handout Online)   - Pamela White

   DNA-Understanding Genealogy DNA---(No Handout Online) - Pamela White