One Great Work 

Family History is more than genealogy.  It encompasses all aspects of finding and organizing families, as well as putting faces to names, and histories to people.  Family History celebrates people’s lives, honors them for their contribution to our history, and allows us to gather strength from the past.  Their legacy enables us to build the next generation by always remembering where we came from and that we are all part of one great work.


The Family History Service Initiative offers the resources of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints through its members, ward and full-time missionaries, and temple and family history consultants to help individuals and families who wish to identify and produce a record of their family history.  This offering is free of any charge or obligation.

While there will be some who will inquire about the our beliefs regarding the nature of the family, this initiative is not a indirect effort to gain converts to the Church, rather it is a service to assist in the effort of gathering families together.  

How can I participate in the Family History Initiative?   


1.   We all share a common interest in families and we love to talk about them to others. Consider natural ways to invite others to get to know more about their own family history by simply asking if they know their family history, how far back can they go and would they like help finding out more about them. 

2.   Sister Bednar at the RootsTech Conference, 2019 introduced a wonderful way of introducing friends or family to gathering their family history by asking inspired questions.  In summary she asked us to think of an ancestor who was special to you or has influenced you. Think about why that person is important to you. What do you feel when thinking about them? Then, think of someone, a family member, a friend, a colleague or others who would benefit feeling what you felt. (Sister Bednar, Rootstech Discovery Day, 2019)  

3.  As you feel prompted during these naturally occurring conversations,  invite them to share their feelings about their ancestor(s), share your own feelings, offer them your support, and the opportunity to learn more about their family histories through this special Family History Service Initiative. 

4.  Pass referrals on to the Elders Quorum Counsellor in your ward responsible for Temple and Family History Work.  A Temple and Family History Consultant will be assigned, and an appointment made to meet with yourself and the individual or family requesting assistance.

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