March 13, 2019

Family History Service Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1: What is the purpose of the Family History Service Initiative?


1.    The Family History Service Initiative offers the resources of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints through its members, ward and full-time missionaries, and temple and family history consultants to help individuals and families who wish to identify and produce a record of their family history.  This offering is free of any charge or obligation. 

Q2: What is being offered through this initiative?

1.   Members, Temple Family History Consultants (TFHC) or full-time Missionaries will work with those who accept this invitation to develop a family history record including links to ancestors whose records are available in the family search libraries.

2.   With permission, online assistance with a Temple and Family History Consultant, is available for those who use FamilySearch.

3.   Courses on family history will also be available through the Victoria Family History Centre offering continued support as patrons continue their search.

    Q3: How will individuals find out about this initiative and receive help?

1.  Invitations to participate in this initiative, along with the Family History Let’s Get Startedpamphlet, will be distributed to individuals and families through social media, full-time missionaries and members.  The Family History, Lets Get Startedpamphlet will be provided to inform potential patrons on basic information required to begin research about their own family.

Q4: What area is covered by this service?

1.   The Family History Service Initiative is offered throughout the Greater Victoria area.  Requests for service outside this area will be referred to family history consultants in the appropriate area.

   Q5: What is the cost or obligation?

This offering is free of any charge or obligation. 


Q6: What is the Role of the Victoria Stake Family History Centre in the Family History Service Initiative?

1.   The primary role of the Family History Centre in this initiative is to train Temple and Family History Consultants, missionaries and stake members in ways they can introduce the benefits of searching family history.


2.   The Family History Centre provides support to Ward and Branch Elders Quorum and Relief Society presidencies who lead this initiative. 


3.   Provides space, enhanced resources and assistance through dedicated staff members or Temple and Family History Consultants to assist patrons to further individual research.  


4.   Provides free access to research websites such as Ancestry, Find My Past, My Heritage, and American Ancestors.


5.   Provides courses on family history work offering continued support as patrons gathering and building their family narrative.

Q7: What is the Role of the Full Time Missionaries in the Family History Service Initiative?


1.    Missionaries will invite people that they meet to discover more about their family lineage.

2.    Missionaries may receive assignments from the Elders Quorum Presidency to visit those who were referred along with a member or Temple and Family History Consultant to present a family tree or genealogy record. 


Q8: How can I participate in the Family History Initiative?   


1.    We all share a common interest in families, and we love to talk about them to others. Consider natural ways to invite others to get to know more about their own family history by simply asking, if they know their family history, how far back can they go and would they like help finding out more about them. 

2.    You might approach a friend with: “Do you want to know who your ancestors are and who you are related to?”. “Are you interested in knowing the history behind your surname?”

3.    Then give the brochure to their friend and ask them to fill out as much of their 4 generations as possible and return it to them in preparation for a Temple and Family History Worker helping them find more information. 

4.    Think of an ancestor who was special to you or has influenced you. Take a minute to share with someone, why that person is important to you. What do you feel when thinking about them? Then, think of someone, a family member, a friend, a colleague or others who would benefit feeling what you felt and share that message (Sister Bednar, Rootstech Discovery Day, 2019). Then as the conversation progresses naturally, invite them to search more through meeting with a Temple and Family History Consultant. 

5.    Pass referrals on to the Elders Quorum Counsellor responsible for Temple and Family History Work. A Temple and Family History Consultant will be assigned, and an appointment made to meet with the individual or family requesting assistance.

Q9: What is the role of the Elders Quorum Presidency and Relief Society?


1.    The Elders Quorum Presidency Counsellor responsible for temple and family history, will coordinate the collection of referrals and make assignments to Temple and Family History Consultants to meet with individuals or families, formulate a family research plan and assist in the creation of a family history record.  It is important that all referrals or callbacks go through the Elders Quorum, as they are responsible for the coordination of the ward/branch Temple and Family History Consultants. 

2.    Provide sufficient numbers of the Family History, Let’s Get Startedpamphlet to all families in the ward to share in their circle of influence.

3.    Assign Temple and Family History Consultants to work with missionaries and members as referrals are received.

4.    Encourage all members to become aware of opportunities to ask friends and others. 

5.    Monthly report progress of Family History Service Invitative to the High Counsellor responsible for Family History Work in the Stake. (Brother Dennis Hall)

Q10: What is the role of the Temple and Family History Consultant?


1.    The role of the Temple and Family History Consultant is to help individuals and families increase their love of family and build connections to their ancestors and our Heavenly Father through personalized family history experiences.