Putting Family in Family History


Family history is more than a hobby, it’s an activity that blesses both the living and the dead... Connecting generations with the blessings of the temple... serves ancestors, safeguards individuals, and strengthens family relationships.


Family History Supports the Family

Clinical research (Dr M Duke, NY Times March 2013) has shown that children who knew a lot about their families:

  • Tended to do better than other children when they faced challenges
  • They proved to be more resilient and able to handle stress
  • They had higher esteem
  • They felt that they belonged to something larger than themselves

NY Times Article


Family Interviews

Genealogy About.com Interview


Preserve Family Photos + Memories

Apps for Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets, etc.


Role Play of Family Stories

Stories are so powerful... They can help us understand who our ancestors were and in turn help us understand who we are... and then when we act out their story... we create connections to them!!


Family Home Evenings and Activities


Family History Fun