Presenter Resources

Thank you again for being willing to present at this year’s event. We appreciate all that you do and wish you the best possible presentation.  Class assignments and the class schedule are going well.  For those teaching more than one class, we hope to keep each presenter in the same classroom for each presentation you make, depending on how many register for each class.

 Projecting Your Presentation: One of the items we note from time to time is the variation of projection displays and the ambient light effects between the different rooms at the conference. Attendees may struggle to see smaller font sizes and/or difficult colour schemes.  Since the room assignments to present in are not finalized until closer to the event, we have some recommendations that may help avoid some vision issues for those seated at the back of any room. In general, we recommend:

•   minimum font size 20 (preferably 24 or larger)

•   use an off-white background with a dark text (preferable black or dark blue)

•   if projecting live from the internet, use a screen resolution in the range of 600 X 800 to no more than 1600 X 1200 

•   if you wish to avoid using online projection, we recommend using a screen shot and crop to focus the area under discussion

•    captions placed below an image instead of text overtop an image is clearer to viewers

These suggestions can help everyone get the most out of your session. If possible, test your presentation file in a projection environment from a distance of a number of rows back as many presentation software programs can appear better on your desktop/ laptop screen than they do under projection.