You Can Do This 

Whether you are just discovering your family connections and history or you are wondering how you can help others, we want you to know that you can do this and we are happy to help.

The service and support that we provide uses the FamilySearch database as the primary resource for family history development.  This will require you to register with FamilySearch.  There is no charge or service fees.

FamilySearch is a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It offers

  • The world's largest collection of family history and genealogy resources;
  • Online search for names, indexes, and guides;
  • Billions of records and publications from over 100 countries;
  • Forums, wiki, training and community support;
  • Local Assistance providing personal help from one of 4600 local family history centres worldwide.

In addition to the support that family search offers, you will have the support of the many Temple and Family History Consultants that are part of local congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints within the Greater Victoria Area.

Now Let's Get Started

For those just beginning we have provided some options for you to choose to meet your individual circumstance.

  • I would like to work directly with a Temple and Family History Consultant.
    • Please contact us directly through the Victoria Family History Centre and we will set up an appointment with a Temple and Family History Consultant.  This option works best for those who are uncomfortable with technology.  The email and other contact information are located at the bottom of this webpage.
  • I am comfortable with using a computer and the internet and would like to begin on my own with online help.
    • Use the My Family Booklet section of FamilySearch to register and begin a simple step by step process in getting organized and creating a family booklet that can be uploaded to create your family tree.  By the way, this is a wonderful activity for the entire family to be involved with.  It will will be fun and at the same time strengthen your relationships through building a strong family narrative through historical connections.
    • If at anytime would need assistance we are happy to help.  Please contact the Victoria Family History Centre.
  • I have received an invitation from a member of The Church or a Missionary.
    • They will make arrangements for that suit your individual circumstance.
      • You may prefer to work directly with your friend or the missionaries, or you can seek additional assistance by contacting the Family History Centre.
  • Regardless of your experience level or circumstance you can always contact us using the contact information located at the bottom of the webpage.

Thank you for letting us help you discover and gather you families history.